expanded plates

The expanded plates that in recent times have been further developed to ensure their rigidity, dimensional stability and aesthetic appearance, have gradually found new applications which allow an even greater diffusion.This is why Paolo Bellieni, in addition to the production of perforated plates and wire mesh, also deals with this type of production.

The expanded plate is a one piece wire mesh, the mesh is generally rhomboidal, obtained by incising and stretching sheets of iron copper, stainless steel, aluminium or other materials in strip form.

The expanded plates produced by our production facility in Treviso have different applications in various sectors, some of which are listed below:

  • screens for fencing
  • components for furnishings
  • ​foundations for building
  • filters for air-conditioning installations

Expanded plates produced in sheets or on reels can be transformed into meshes and micro-meshes to be used in various applications and areas of production.The production process involves incising and cold molding the metal plate which by passing through specialised machinery, takes on the desired shape.

At Paolo Bellieni, the industrial production of the expanded plates includes different types of meshes and you can choose from: rhomboidal, square, hexagonal or round mesh.The expanded plates can be produced in any metal, as long as it is suitable for the stretching process. Generally carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, tinplate and plastic materials are used.

Depending on the thickness, meshes with sides of a few tenths of a millimetre up to very large meshes can be obtained.

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