Just like with the weaving of natural fibres, we can also weave our metal wires using special looms in order to obtain a product with varying mesh sizes: our METAL SHEET. The materials used are all metals. The interwoven alloys, depending on the use required, can be chosen to suit the physical and chemical requirements.

The most commonly used are:

  • IRON (galvanised or normal)
  • STAINLESS STEEL (AISI 304/316 in various alloys)

To state all their uses would require a very long list, but their main function is in the filtration of heterogeneous products, from chemicals to foodstuffs, from enology to rubber.


Standard and customised metal sheets


Paolo Bellieni can offer immediate delivery on a wide range of stainless steel sheets with different sized meshes, starting with a minimum of 0.003 mm continuing up to10.20 mm and over. We specialise in producing limited quantities of meshes of non-standard sizes and heights within reasonable time scales and costs. Brochures with data and technical specifications are available on request.

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